Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Fun!

We had our friends come over last night(John and Heather-they live in our complex) to carve pumpkins with us and have pumpkin chili! John made awesome cornbread! Oh, and I'm sorry there isn't a picture with me in it! I guess I was the photographer that night. Anyway, Brian made an awesome "bat cat" (as Hannah would call it). The girls weren't really involved since Hannah thought the insides were yucky and we wouldn't let her use a knife! :) Nonetheless, we had lots of fun! I think Hannah's in love with John. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leah with the fish!

I forgot to add this classic picture of Leah. This is what she does....she point to things and excitedly babbles about that thing! She totally looks you in the eye and looks very seriously excited during the babbling. So funny!

Zoo Boo!

The Houston Zoo does a "Zoo Boo" event all Halloween month on the weekends. You bring your kids to the zoo with Halloween costumes on. They have numerous booths with stickers/candy/little prizes, a pumpkin patch(one with Hannah and Leah sitting on a haystack-it was the best picture we took, i promise!), a bat cave with pirates, monster mash parade, and more that I can't think of right now. Hannah did surprisingly well with some of the big kid games. Hannah's favorite part was the monster mash parade/dance party! Hannah enjoyed seeing all of the kids dressed in Halloween costumes! We also went to a story time in the butterfly theater and Hannah got to pet a lizard! Our last place we visited was the aquarium where both Leah and Hannah crawled together through a fish tank! This was the first time Leah was brave enough to do it with her sister! Brian was able to come with us, which made it 100 times more enjoyable for the girls! It was a fun morning to say the least.

Note: Leah is tinkerbell and Hannah is a week, Leah will wear her pumpkin and hat costume I made her a month ago, and I'm just finishing up on Hannah's witch costume. I'll post more pictures in a week or two with their "real" costumes on